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Todd Wallace 
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Todd Wallace
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08-23-09 07:55 AM - Post#267    

Harbor Freight Pressure Blaster Review by Mickey Cummins on Team Camaro - used by permission

Hi all, I recently purchased and used a forty pound Harbor Freight pressure blaster and thought I would add a review in hopes of helping others make the best decision for themselves. I was trying to make a decision between a pressure blaster and the old siphon bucket on the floor. I chose a pressure blaster because of some positive things others had to say on the forums. Also,if it didn't work, well then I could always drop a siphon into it and have a $100 dollar bucket I assembled it according to instructions. First off throw away the thread tape that is included as it is extremely thin and very frustrating to use. Get the roll of 'merican thread tape out and use it on EVERY joint. Be forewarned, the tolerances on Asian made stuff can be a little loose. (Really?) I learned this trying to get a Harbor Freight air filter to stop leaking. Once the pot was assembled I "pressured" it up and fixed a few minor leaks and was ready to go! I had stopped by the other saving grace of the DIYers, Norther Tools, and picked up a dead man's stick to add to the blaster and several bags of Amber Blast, a non-silicate media, as I did not want to die of silicosis in case I accidentally inhaled large quantities of the media. The Northern deadmans' stick will fit right on the Harbor Freight hose. It has one very severe drawback which I will get to. I filled the pot,pressured up, and opened the stick-nothing. A very weak air stream. The rubber gasket that goes behind the nozzle had a very small hole.I opened it up with a 1/8 bit. You can actually leave it out if you want as I did later out of frustration. Ok. Pressured up, opened the stick and Wow! I have a blast cabinet I have used for several years.I can see,after using the pot, that I am going to have to do something to the cabinet to get it to blast as well as the pot. Maybe being pressurized has something to do with the pot blasting so well. I was still being impressed when it stopped blasting. Whenever you open the stick up to remove the tiny pebble that is blocking the hole, and I had to do this about 5 times, you have to de-pressurize or basically unplug the air and wait til it's all gone. I finally switched back to the stick that came with the pot because it has a valve right behind it and I could shut it off,open the stick to remove the tiny pebble,open the valve and go right back to blasting without losing air. I will go back to the deadman's stick and add the valve from the original kit inline to the hose behind the stick once I get the appropriate fittings. If I had filtered the media through a strainer I would not have had the grief of a blockage. Very frustrating to unblock the line,open the stick and blast for oh, about three seconds and it stops up again.When it's going though it was very impressive as it blasted quickly with a fairly wide path. I used about 60 pounds of media in 15 minutes on the small job I had.I would make these recommendations then:Buy the biggest pressure pot you can afford as it will hold more media, STRAIN the media even if fresh out of the bag,use a deadman's stick with the original nozzle set inline to cut off air when you have to replace a nozzle or unblock the nozzle.Either stick will work fine but the deadman's only takes one hand to operate and will fit in snugger areas. A word about attire. I wore the cartridge filter mask I use for painting,a flannel shirt,welder's gloves, and the cheap ass hood included with the pressure pot. I was fine. The cheap ass hood actually works pretty well except I ended up using one hand to hold it in place. If I wasn't so cheap ass I would go buy a good hood as it really does more to protect you than anything. The air compressor I am using is a 20 gallon Campbell Hausfield.One of the cool things about this pressure pot is that a air pressure gauge is included and I was able to keep a close eye on pressure.When the air pressure dropped to about 70 pounds I had to wait on the compressor. It would still blast at that pressure but not very effectively.That about wraps it up! Happy blasting!

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